My wedding











Three years ago I move to New York City for a season with my partner. Almost when we were running out of our visa I asked him to marry me. I was in Arizona filming a documentary and I did it by Skype ☺

When I returned to New York, the first thing I did, was look for my dress. I did not want a classic wedding dress but something special. I was lucky and I found it in the first store I went. Immediately afterwards I went to buy my partner’s suit. We knew we were getting married with our shoes Vans. The day came and we went to a barber shop in Brooklyn. I loved my hairstyle, kind of Merylin Monroe. I think it fits very well with the style of dress. I recommend every couple who travel to NYC to get married. It is a very easy and fast process. You take a number, as in the butcher´s shop, and make a queue where you find other couples from Russia, China, European … The ceremony and the decoration is more seedy but fun. It costs only $75 and is one of the best memories that you can take from the city. When we left the City Hall we were right in China Town and we were all trogether to celebrate our wedding. We have our witness and a couple of friends, nobody else.

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