Wedding in Colorado










If you marry in a town like Silverton, in the state of Colorado, the least you can do is to have your guests coming to spend a whole weekend. Silverton is a village of about 600 inhabitants in the middle of the mountains. It maintains the essence of being a mining town and has a lot of charm. For this wedding the couple wanted that all their guests took part of it.They proposed that everyone arrived the day before and so among all do the decorating, place the room, install the stage, decorate the tables … It was the perfect excuse for everyone knew each other before and they all feel they are part of this wedding. When everything was already prepared Jeffro and Amanda brought some food and drinks. The town was full of tourists and with a lot of ambient. The next morning everyone was having breakfast together, in barber shops or going together for a walk in the mountains. I’m sure that people spent a memorable weekend. I made a lot friends and ended up dancing like the most ☺

I recommend you see the whole wedding in my portfolio.

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